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Executive Artistic Director  

Anya Kalina earned her degree in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow, Russia before moving to Los Angeles in early 2000s. In 2009 she moved her residence to Portland. Anya has vast professional experience in events management, public relations and marketing. She is passionate and true to the mission of making chamber music accessible and works tirelessly in creating the organizational vision, programming development and building strong relationships within the community.



Meet our Board

Kimberly Sieffert
  Board Director/President

Molly Keller
  Board Director/Secretary

Deb Lambeth
  Board Director/Treasurer


Kimberly Sieffert - Board Director/President.  Kimber has made Portland her home for the past five years after moving to Oregon from Dickinson, ND to enhance her career. She truly loves living in the Pacific NW.  Kimber brings to PCM an extensive history working within the non-profit sector and combines her music background and education to help Portland Chamber Music grow and thrive. Besides her professional experience, Kimber also combines her passion for music and theater with her desire to provide opportunities for everyone to experience and enhance their awareness and appreciation of Chamber Music.

Molly Keller Board Director/Secretary.  Molly was born and raised in Vancouver Washington. She started her music career at the beginning of 6th grade. By the end of 6th grade, she knew it was a lost cause, and decided to leave the music making up to the professionals. Molly moved to Portland in 2008 after completing her degree at Western Washington University.  She loves to garden, craft, go to the coast, and spend time with her family and friends. 

Deb Lambeth - Board Director/Treasurer.  Growing up in a small town “behind the Redwood Curtain”, Deb always liked to build things. It was this love of planning, and a knack for numbers, which lead her to get her BS in Environmental Resources Engineering from Humboldt State Univ. She now works for the State of Oregon helping water utilities secure funding for infrastructure improvements. For Portland Chamber Music, Deb oversees all aspects of the nonprofit’s finances. She loves Portland and is honored to work along-side such dedicated volunteers in pursuit of this important work.

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